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What is an Allied Health Assistant (AHA)?

The role of an Allied Health Assistant is to provide therapeutic and program-related support to clients under the guidance of an Allied Health Professional (such as an OT).  

What are the benefits of having an Allied Health Assistant? 

  • AHA sessions can work complimentary with your regular allied health therapy services. Clients have more opportunities to work towards the same goals with two or more of our awesome team members!   


  • Sessions with an AHA are cost effective. This means that clients can receive services more frequently than they would in comparison only seeing the Allied Health Professional. 


  • AHA’s can assist in preparing resources for families such as visual supports or activities to practice skills at home.   



Please note that AHA services are only available to clients who have an acting Allied Health Professional (such as an OT) as part of their team. It is ultimately up to the Allied Health Professional to determine if it is an appropriate service to meet the needs of the client.  


It is mandatory that the Allied Health Professional and AHA meet on a regular basis to monitor progress and for the Allied Health Professional to make clinical decisions. AHA’s are not to make clinical decisions, changes to programs or give advice to families. The meetings form part of the service and the frequency is determined based on client need and performance.  


AHA sessions are booked in 10-session blocks to work towards identified goals made in collaboration with the family and Allied Health Professional. Progress towards these goals will be reviewed at session 8 to determine if another block is required.  


$86.50 per hour 

Sessions are charged at 60 minutes; 45 minutes contact time and 15 minutes to account for preparation and notes.

Cancellation policy:

48+ hours notice: No cancellation fee

24-48 hours notice: 90% of intended fee

24 hours or less: 100% of intended fee

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

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