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Hi, I'm Julie!

Allied Health Assistant, Future OT & Lover of Crafts

Julie is a craft group facilitator at Life Skills Hub, which fits seamlessly with her love for creativity and fun. She has a kind and friendly nature making her extremely approachable and able to connect with others.  


As a facilitator, Julie prioritises the importance of forming relationships which are centred around respect, inclusion, and collaboration. She assists individuals to feel heard, valued and understood. Additionally, within craft there is endless possibilities to adapt the task to meet the needs of clients. Acknowledging that, "art has a role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like everyone else" - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.   

Over the past 2 years, Julie has worked with clients to create incredible projects ranging from rocket launchers to sock puppets to slime creations. Julie loves that craft is an occupation that celebrates individuality, as well as offers an organic opportunity to further develop fine motor, executive functioning skills such as ideation and social skills!   


Highlights of Julie's time facilitating craft groups have been:   

  • Hearing a young person living with selective mutism, sing for the first time - whilst crafting away.  

  • Seeing a young person develop confidence and feel empowered to enter their artwork in an art expedition.   

  • Creating crafts that are tailored to the individual and opportunities for friendship outside the space.   

  • Learning as young people continue to teach Julie crafts such as paper puppets.  


Outside of Life Skills Hub, you'll find Julie cooking, walking her dog, gardening, laughing at funny memes, watching Disney movies, and of course doing crafts! 

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