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Dancing Alone at Home



10 weeks plus 1 parent/caregiver only session.

1.25 hour sessions.


$90.00 per session

$101 for final 'celebration' session (1.5 hours)

An additional charge of $150 will be billed for a summary document following completion of the program.

Cancellation policy:

100% of intended fee (regardless of notice given)

Group costs are split evenly amongst all participants over the 10 week class duration.

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

Therapy Group

Puberty is when an individual’s body changes and develops from a child to an adult. It is a confusing time for all, even if you have a supportive network.

Designed and facilitated by our qualified therapists, our Ladybugs program is tailored for young people aged 8–12 who are interested in understanding and preparing for the changes related to puberty. Over the course of 10 weeks, this program will ensure that young people are prepared with the right tools and information through a range of hands-on activities and opportunities for connection with peers.

The group covers the following topics: 

Week 0 - Caregiver information session
Week 1 - Let's Talk Puberty
Week 2 - So, what actually is puberty?
Week 3 - WOW, body changes
Week 4 - Menstruation
Week 5 - Personal Hygiene
Week 6 - Skincare
Week 7 - What I put in my body matters (cooking)
Week 8 - My mental health, why it matters(emotions/mood)
Week 9 - My mental health, why it matters (sleep)
Week 10 - My friendships

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