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Oatmeal Cookies



10 Weeks

2 Hour Sessions


Level 1: $110 per session 

TOTAL: $1,100 for 10 week course
(Plus $86 for optional summary document)

Level 2: $70 per session

TOTAL: $700 for 10 week course

(Plus $86 for optional summary document)

Cancellation policy:

100% of intended fee (regardless of notice given)

Group costs are split evenly amongst all participants over the 10 week class duration.

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

Structured & Therapy Groups

Cooking together in the kitchen is the best way to learn about fresh food, nutrition, healthy eating, and food safety.


Participants in our cooking groups will learn many preparation and cooking skills which they can use for the rest of their lives. Cooking allows children and young people to use all their senses – smelling, looking, touching, listening, tasting – to build upon their knowledge and comfort with food. 

The cooking groups at Life Skills Hub assist young people to further develop: 

  • Exposure to new foods and food experiences.

  • Engagement with similar aged peers and team bonding.

  • Focus and joint attention.

  • Sequencing and following instructions.

  • Social skills; turn-taking, role sharing and cooperation.

  • Fine motor skills such as bilateral coordination, dexterity and strength.

  • Social skills / bonding.

  • Skills in reading, Maths (measuring) and planning.

  • Foundational cooking skills to promote meal preparation and steps towards independent living skills  

Our cooking programs are broken into two types.

Our trained team will assist in determining which group would be most suitable based on a further screening document and/or intake appointment if required.  

Group participants will work together throughout a 10-week block to achieve set tasks and objectives. Participants will be grouped together based on similar age/development where possible. 

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