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Therapy Group

Gross Motor Group is a therapy group that has been specifically designed by our Occupational Therapists at Life Skills Hub. This group allows young people to come together to further develop their gross motor skills, strength, teamwork skills and support them to develop increased confidence and resilience to give physical activities a try.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to practice specific skills, then implement these skills within a competitive or non-competitive activity.


Gross Motor Group aims to support participants to:

  • Exercise while having fun and socialising with peers

  • Enhance gross motor skills such as: body awareness, crossing the midline of the body, strength, balance, throwing/catching, kicking a ball, and coordination

  • Increase awareness of their own strengths and other’s strengths

  • Create a safe and fun environment that supports participants to have a go

  • Practice teamwork, collaboration, and winning/losing skills.


10 x 1 hour sessions (weekly)
Facilitated by an Occupational Therapist

Each session will target a specific skill


Max participants – 4
Staff to client ratio – 1:4


 $80.00 per session
$96.50 for summary document following completion of the program. 
Total Cost of Program: $896.50

Costs are inclusive of 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing.

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