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Bees at Work



16 weeks 

1 hour sessions


$113 per session

$1,808 for 16 week program

(Plus $193.99 for optional summary document)

Cancellation policy:

100% of intended fee (regardless of notice given)

Group costs are split evenly amongst all participants over the 10 week class duration.

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

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Therapy Group

Whats The Buzz?
What’s the Buzz? Is an evidence-based program to teach young people social and emotional intelligence, designed by Mark Le Messurier & Madhavi Nawana Parker. Life Skills Hub offers the Primary and Teenage versions of the program. 

This version of the program is aimed at middle school aged students (aged 9-11) and runs over the course of 16 weeks. The activity-based program invites participants to explore a range of topics to better support the development of social skills by communicating the underlying social principles.  


Topics in this program include: 

  • Meeting people and exiting

  • Seeking attention 

  • Peer pressure; when to follow and when to go your own way 

  • Being friendly 

  • Competition; winning and losing with style 

  • Feelings; Yours, mine, and everyone’s 

  • Feelings and the warning signs

  • Feelings and thinking positively

  • Feelings and well-being 

  • Empathy 

  • Anxiety – name it and work with it 

  • Handling disappointment 

  • Bullying and bullying-styled behaviours; dealing with them 

  • The connecting ‘ART’ of conversation 

  • Self-awareness; building emotional intelligence and identity 

  • The value of giving encouraging feedback 

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