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10 weeks

1.5 hour sessions


$110.00 per session

TOTAL: $1,100 for 10 week program

(Plus $193.99 for optional summary document)

Cancellation policy:

100% of intended fee (regardless of notice given)

Group costs are split evenly amongst all participants over the 10 week class duration.

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

Therapy Group

The Life Skills Hub High School Transition Program is a 10-week group which supports young people to build skills required for a smoother transition to high school. The group provides opportunities for students to reflect, connect with peers and learn how to implement strategies to feel prepared for high school life.

This group is designed for students in years 6-7 who are about to commence their high school journey, or students who have already started high school but may benefit from additional guidance and support with the skills required for their first years in high school.

The group consists of the following themes:

Week 1 -Introduction to the Program

Week 2 - Organisational Skills

Week 3 - Navigating High School

Week 4 - Friendship Skill Development

Week 5 - Managing Stress

Week 6 - Support Networks

Week 7 - Bullying

Week 8 - Overcoming Challenges

Week 9 - Goal Setting

Week 10 - Self-esteem & Confidence

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