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Hi, I'm Meaghan!

Allied Health Assistant, Future OT
& Craft Creative

Meaghan is a Health Science and Occupational Therapy student who has a passion for working with young people across a broad range of areas. She has previous experience working in Out of School Hours Care which has assisted her to develop a range of skills that help her to connect with young people and embrace their individuality.  


From a young age Meaghan knew that she wanted to work in a field that allowed her to care for other people and build meaningful relationships, and this passion led her to pursue studies in Occupational Therapy. Meaghan particularly enjoys supporting young people through the various challenges they may face in their day-to-day lives as they learn about themselves and grow into young adults. Meaghan values the importance of recognizing everyone as an individual and taking the time to get to know her clients to ensure that she is able to support them in a way that suits their needs and goals. She strongly believes that people are the experts of their own lives, and endeavors to support people in taking leadership of their own wellbeing. 


Meaghan loves baking, crafts, spending time with friends and family, playing board games and card games, and all things music related. She believes that shared interests are a great way to connect with young people and as such enjoys working with people across these areas, but also loves learning new skills to allow her to work with clients who may have different passions and interests. Meaghan is able to support clients across various ages, needs, and goals. 

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