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Social Workers support clients and their families to develop the skills and strategies required to maintain healthy psycho-social wellbeing. Social workers take into consideration what the strengths are of their clients, what their goals are, and support and empower them to bring about positive change in their own lives.

Social Workers can support children and young people to:​

  • Develop the skills and strategies required to develop and maintain healthy wellbeing.

  • Identify and utilise a range of coping strategies to manage anxiety and depression.

  • Build upon their skills to develop increased independence for independent living such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and laundry skills.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem through the use of an Empowerment and Strengths-based framework.

  • Develop resilience through recognising the difference between small and big challenges and identifying appropriate reactions and problem-solving strategies.

  • Further develop social skills, play-based skills and friendship skills for more confident and appropriate engagement with peers and to develop and maintain long-lasting friendships.

  • Develop their Theory of Mind; awareness and understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others and how this may differ from their own, as well as how to respond to others’ emotions.

  • Identify appropriate strategies for self-regulation.

  • Learn organisational skills to better manage their day-to-day life routine.

  • Understand and demonstrate appropriate ‘expected’ behaviours in different social environments and situations.

  • Recognise and develop a more flexible approach to thinking and behaviour.

  • Identify the factors in their environment that are causing distress and seek to identify solutions to support their wellbeing and that of their families.


Social Work sessions are booked as required to work towards identified goals made in collaboration with the family and therapist.


$193.99 per hour 

Sessions are charged at 60 minutes; 45 minutes contact time and 15 minutes to account for preparation and notes.

To Book


Phone: 08 8180 0761

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