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Hi, I'm Jess!

& Op Shop Queen

Jess is an accredited practicing dietitian, completing her Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science in 2018 and her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2021. She has had experience in private practice working with a range of different age groups, conditions and ethnicities before joining the team at Life Skills Hub.  


Jess’ knowledge and enthusiasm is about helping young people build positives relationships with food and themselves. Jess understands and believes at building these positive relationships early in life can help set up the foundations to build independence, capacity and confidence in all aspects of life. To help better understand an individual, Jess enjoys listening and learning about their stories and life journey’s, to help her build a client centred approach to her work that tailor’s advice and activities that will engage and benefit the individual most.  


Jess believes food and health is not a “one size fits all” answer as there are many different factors that influence these and can differ from person to person. Jess’ approach to her work is practical, respectful and empathetic to help build a safe space that allows young people to be themselves and open about their goals and concerns regarding food, body and wellbeing.  


Jess’ special interest include working with neurodiverse individuals and is committed to working from a Health At Every Size® perspective.  

Jess understands that the biggest factor in helping build positive relationships with food is developing a supportive network which is why she enjoys and encourages working collaboratively with individuals and their families to plan, prepare and cook meals as well as develop positive mealtime environments. Jess can offer a range of services including 1:1 therapy as well as goup workshops that help to build wider supportive networks.   


Outside of work Jess enjoys spending time with her family and friends which is normally food centred with the occasional quiz night, gardening, swimming, and op shopping.   


Jess has, and continues to seek training in:  

  • Health At Every Size®.  

  • The non-diet approach.  

  • Ellyn Slatter Division of Responsibility.  

  • Eating Disorder care, management and treatment.  



Jess has special interests in:  

  • Support and education in improving eating and wellbeing.  

  • Eating disorders and body image.  

  • Fussy eating and mealtime management  

  • Planning, preparing and cooking meals that are practical, sustainable and cost effective.   

  • Building community engagement through cooking and understanding food.   

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