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Hi, I'm Lily!

Occupational Therapist
& Food Adventurer

Lily received a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) in 2021. She worked in paediatric private practice before commencing her employment at Life Skills Hub at the start of 2023. She also has a background in support work with young adults with disabilities and understands the challenges faced in everyday living.   


Lily is passionate about supporting young people develop skills that help them become confident and independent in daily living activities. She demonstrates empathy, patience, and interpersonal skills to connect with young people and enjoys learning about client interests as a way to build rapport.   


Lily uses a client-centred and collaborative approach to therapy. She understands the importance of involving the client in the decision-making process as part of their therapeutic journey to ensure sessions are purposeful and meaningful to meet their goals.   


Lily is passionate about working with young people with disabilities to develop daily living skills and independence. She can offer a range of services including 1:1 therapy and group therapy to help young people build confidence and social connections.  


In her spare time, Lily enjoys exploring new restaurants in Adelaide, playing board games with family and friends, watching TV shows and walking her dog.   


Lily has, and continues to seek training in the following:   

·        Circle of Security   

·        The Traffic Jam in my Brain  

·        Trauma Informed Care   


Lily has special interests in:   

·        Gross motor and fine motor skills   

·        Interoceptive awareness skills for emotional regulation   

·        Helping young people learn about their sensory preferences and needs  

·        Creating and facilitating group programs to support positive social interactions  

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