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Hi, I'm Maddie!

Senior Dietitian
& Passionate Foodie

Maddie is an accredited practicing dietitian, completing her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2018. She worked with a diverse range of clients in private practise before commencing her employment at Life Skills Hub in early 2021.  


Maddie’s experience and passion is working with young people with disabilities,  helping them to build capacity and confidence. She also has a background in support work which provided her with an understanding of the importance of developing independence and life skills. Maddie enjoys learning about and listening to people’s stories and interests which helps her to connect to young people and co-construct individualised and tailored programs. Her philosophy is to develop a person-centred and hands-on approach to her practise.  


Maddie has a practical approach to food and health and believes it can be a tool for young people to grow independence, confidence and community engagement. She has a passion for helping people to develop an enjoyable relationship with food which is nurtured through a practical and non-judgemental approach. Maddie works with compassion, respect and inclusivity and is deeply committed to working alongside a diverse community. She has a special interest in working with neurodiverse clients and is committed to providing person-centred and trauma informed care.  


Maddie recognises that sometimes eating can be tricky and understands there are a range of factors to consider when it comes to eating well. She is able to work with young people and their support networks to build capacity around family mealtimes and eating well.    


Maddie has a strong passion for working with young people and their families to develop life skills  including meal preparation and planning, shopping and cooking meals at home. Maddie can offer a range of services including 1:1 therapy as well as workshops  in groups to build supportive communities.  


In her spare time Maddie enjoys spending time with her families and friends exploring new places to eat, cooking, listening to podcasts and reading books.  


Maddie has, and continues to seek training in the following:  

  • Trauma informed care  

  • Responsive feeding therapy  

  • The non diet approach  

  • Ellyn Satter division of responsibility  

  • Motivational interviewing  


Maddie has special interests in:  

  • Support and education to eat well and to improve wellbeing  

  • Mental health concerns and body image  

  • Food management and security  

  • Helping young people and families to support picky eating, mealtime management and ensuring adequate nutritional intake  

  • Building community engagement through providing group therapy and workshops around food literacy, cooking, picky eating and family meal times  

  • Increasing daily living skills through food literacy including planning, shopping, budgeting, food safety and cooking meals at home  

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