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Structured Group

Life Skills Hub Yoga group is a positive-learning environment where children and young people can come together to exercise, have fun, push beyond their personal limits, and relax. 

Our Yoga program will benefit your child in so many ways: 

  • Encourage exercise through a safe and fun lesson 

  • Develop strength, balance, and whole-body stability and coordination 

  • Increase concentration and focus 

  • Increase self-confidence  

  • Gain access to strategies to manage stress and regulate their emotions 

  • Explore mindfulness 

  • Make friends 

Occasionally, we will also have a Family Yoga where parents/caregivers can join in with their young person for a fun and challenging session! 


This group is offered throughout the year flexibly as requested.

Clients will be allocated based on age.

Max. participants - 4

Staff to client ratio - 1:4


$30.00 per session weekday

$37.00 per session on Saturday

Costs are inclusive of 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing.

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