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The Life Skills Hub Toolshed Group is a place for children and young people to develop hands-on skills in a group-based setting. This group supports participants to create projects that they can be proud of using common tools that we all need to use in daily life.

The Toolshed Group will assist children and young people to develop the following skills:

  • Understanding measurement and using a ruler.

  • Planning, sequencing and problem solving.

  • Fine motor skills such as bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination and strength.

  • Social interaction skills including sharing, negotiating and helpfulness.

  • Developing an understanding of, and ability to use common household tools.

  • Develop sense of pride and accomplishment.

This group is run over the course of 10-week blocks. To ensure fairness and opportunity to others, participants can only complete 2 consecutive blocks unless spots are available.



10 weeks.

1.5 hour sessions.

Max. participants - 4

Staff to client ratio - 1:2



$77.00 per session 


Total cost of 10-week program:


Costs are inclusive of a $2 capital cost to contribute towards the cost of materials, and 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing.

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