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Therapy Group

LEGO© therapy is a social development program designed for young people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other children with social communication difficulties. The program utilises the participant’s interest and strengths in LEGO© to develop communication and social skills.  


Our trained Facilitator will support participants collaborate together to follow instructions to build a model. During this process, each person is assigned a ‘role’.  


The team consists of: 

  • An engineer – who reads and relays instructions. 

  • A supplier – who finds the required pieces. 

  • A builder – who builds the model. 

  • A director/foreman- who ensures everyone works as a team.  



Participants each take turns playing different roles and they accomplish the goal of building the model together. At the end of the session, participants have time to build their own choices in an environment which can facilitate natural discussion and connectedness. 


LEGO© therapy groups assist in developing the following skills: 

  • Joint attention 

  • Verbal communication skills 

  • Turn-taking and sharing 

  • Negotiation 

  • Role-sharing 

  • Collaborative problem-solving 

  • Self-reflection 

  • Providing/receiving feedback from peers 


Please note that participants are only able to complete two consecutive terms for this group to allow opportunities for others to engage in the program. Participants may re-engage in the program via a waitlist to ensure fairness.  



6 weeks. 

1 hour sessions.

Initial 30 minute intake session.

Max. participants - 4.

Staff to client ratio - 1:4.



$96.50 intake session

$80.00 per session

$96.50 summary document following completion of program.


Total cost of 6-week program: 


Costs are inclusive of 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing.

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