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Dietitians can work with clients to improve their health, wellbeing and independence through nutritional therapy.


A Dietitian will assess your nutritional needs, eating behaviour and dietary intake and offer practical, tailored advice and strategies to support your goals

A Dietician can help children and young people through:

  • Support and education to develop health eating habits to improve health and wellbeing. 

  • Developing strategies around fussy eating and meal time management. 

  • Improve fussy, picky eating or limited intake to improve nutrition and social participation. 

  • Increase daily living skills in planning, shopping, budgeting and cooking meals at home. 

  • Developing a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. 

  • Increasing eating awareness and regulation and providing strategies to support non-hungry and mindful eating. 

  • Assessing and providing practical nutrition strategies around gastrointestinal issues (reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, coeliac and other bowel issues) that affect daily living and social function. 

  • Help manage health conditions through nutritional therapy. 


Dietician sessions as booked in blocks based on identified goals made in collaboration with the family and therapist. Progress towards these goals will be reviewed towards the end of the block to determine if further sessions are required. 




$ 193.00 per hour 

Sessions may be charged at 60 minutes; 45 minutes contact time and 15 minutes to account for preparation and notes.  

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