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Therapy Group

Developed and established by the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2005, Bringing Up Great Kids is a an evidence based and interactive parenting group that supports parents and caregivers to develop skills in the area of mindful and positive parenting practices.


Facilitated by our Senior Practitioners Eden (Provisional Psychologist) and Barbara (Developmental Educator), this program aims to support parents and caregivers to review and enhance their parenting practices to promote respectful, nurturing and safe parent-child relationships.

The Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program offers parents the opportunity to build an understanding around normative developmental experiences and mindful reflection on their own parenting journey. The group provides opportunity for growth and can lead to positive change in relationships. 


Who would benefit from this group?:

Anyone parenting or caring for children ages 4-12, who is interested in reflecting on and enhancing their parenting skills.



6 weeks.

2 hours. 

Tuesday mornings in Term Two.

Morning tea included.

Max. participants - 6

Staff to client ratio - 1:3

Due to reflective nature of this group we are unable to accommodate children’s attendance.

Please note that we do not have creche facilities.


$176.00 per session

Total Cost of 6-week program:


Costs are inclusive of 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing and a $2 capital cost to contribute towards morning tea.

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