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Recreational Group

Life Skills Hub’s Board Game Club has been specifically tailored for young people to develop their skills in areas of problem-solving and critical thinking as well as social skills.  


Participants will work together to engage in, and solve numerous board game activities. Participants will be provided with opportunities to share their ideas in a safe space.  


Board Game Club will aim to support participants to develop:  


  • A sense of accomplishment when completing a board game.  

  • Ability to collaborate with others; develop strategies and negotiating differences of opinions.  

  • Increased confidence; through communication, concentration and fine motor skills.  

  • Ability to use logical thinking and reasoning when conflict or difference of opinions arise.  

  • The skills to positively handle winning and losing in front of others. 

  • Increased community access: providing opportunities for participants to interact with others within the community.   



1.5 hour session. 

This group is offered throughout the year flexibly as requested.

Max. participants - 6

Staff to client ratio - 1:3



Monday-Friday: $39.50 per session 

Saturday: $47.00 per session 

Costs are inclusive of $2 capital cost to contribute towards snacks, and 10 minutes preparation/individual client note writing

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